1972 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport



This is a very special V7 sport, it has been owned by the previous owner since 1973. Very original from front to back. Comes with original exhaust and tires!

  • 14,780 original miles

  • Tank & side covers re-painted

  • New mufflers (original mufflers also supplied)

  • Rims are flawless

  • Tires are good, the (original tires will also be supplied)

  • Original starter & solenoid

  • Original throttle

  • Original under seat light

  • Delivered completely serviced w/ all new fluids




Every single bike I buy and sell, I personally go through—not someone else. I am the owner operator of my small business, and I take what I do very seriously.  I work on the bikes, I ride the bikes.

If you are serious about buying a true collector piece from someone who not only has a passion for these bikes, but works on them, rides them, collects them then call me. Jokingly people say to me, “these bikes don’t seem so rare as there are so many in your shop” well... I consider myself a custodian for these machines, they should go to people who will love, and appreciate them.