1974 DUCATI 750 SPORT / 15,817 MILES

Second production stage, exceptional original paint. This is nicest original sport I have had, rare factory ordered dual disk, NOS CEV switches—completely rewired (see electrical section).

In my opinion the 750 sport has some of the best lines of the 70s Ducati’s. this one is a real collectors piece, and you can ride it... I have meticulously gone over this bike for the last 3 months. and it is one of the best.


Amazing original Gel coat paint with NO repo body work, under the body work parts Ducati had stickers from batches of parts (see below pics). also, take note of the inner rear fender as the tabs are correctly in place for the routing of the wires to the rear tail light. If yours does not have this, then its aftermarket. The color of the sports are highly contested, and as I have had the opportunity to see many of these bikes, I can say that many of the sports floating around are repainted and or have repo parts.. this is the real deal…. its only original once. The paint is spider cracked as it should be and SHOULD NEVER be repainted, this is aged perfectly—like the varnish crackling on a 50′s Fender guitar. In the future the originals will be the most sought after.

Excellent, original condition.

Excellent correct Borrani rims, with original cad plated spokes.

Smooth. fast. Power everywhere. Starts before you even get through the full kick.

— Ian Falloon

Electrical system:

I sourced NOS CEV switches, then re-wrote all of the circuits on the bike. The bike now has a bank of 5 micro relays that switch everything on the bike. the switches only carry grounds that switch the relays—so no power actually travels through the handlebars, this includes the kill switch. Kill is now wired through a relay and kills power to the coils when it is switched. The horn is bright and strong as it now goes through a real relay. The high and the low have separate relays and because of this and the way I wrote the circuits you can now use any H4 bulb without fear of burning the harness or fuse panel. And because Im crazy the H4 connector in the shell is the highest quality ceramic connector. every connector is correctly crimped, and soldered and has dielectric grease. 

The sheathing is the most expensive PVC sheathing that I have been able to find. You cannot tell that the system is rewired unless you take the tank and or the seat off. You will find 5 micro relays, and a modern 6 bank blade fuse panel that goes exactly into the original position of the original fuse panel under the seat. 

No drilling whatsoever. 9 times out of 10 its an issue with the electrical on a vintage machine, I know this because I am a professional mechanic and spend all my waking hours fixing these bikes. My harness is without equal, and will last many lifetimes. Also, the original crap harness is included with the original (MELTED) fuse panel. It should never be re-installed as even looking back at old articles on these bikes—they had problems coming out of the dealers. In fact almost every 750 Sport I have seen, or has been for sale usually says something like—“comes with upgraded switches” true, because after only a few thousand miles the fuse panel would burn out and or the CEV switch would fail as the switch would be carrying to much load for the headlight or the like.

Everything is bright and strong on this bike, and the switches will not fail as they are only now switching relays that are easily replaced (they have a 100,000+ cycle life) and are of the highest quality and protected by modern fuses. Even the key switch—all it does is switch a relay that then switches the fuse panel and then the relay bank on, why? Well, now even your key switch no longer carries power through it. Has original voltage regulator—working, charging perfectly, also has goofy little flapper valve from breather correctly in place.

    1974 DUCATI 750 SPORT details:

    • Bike is currently set with an electronic ignition , I have NOS points and condensers if the future owner would like it set up with the points system. This is easily done but, as most owners can not correctly set points it carries the maintenance free Dyna ignition.

    • 15,817 original miles

    • Amazing original gel coat paint, exceptional.

    • Rare factory ordered dual disk for 1974

    • NOS CEV switches, completely rewired (see electrical)

    • Correct reflectors

    • JOD headlight

    • All keys, tail, steering and ignition

    • Original spokes

    • Original Conti pipes & clamps

    • NOS correct, single to dual throttle cables

    • KLG spark plug caps, new plug wire

    • Shorai battery

    • Case seal

    • New rubber parts where needed

    • Bolts are 95% original and have very little wear

    • Complete set of turn signals with mounts for front and rear, with correct Aprilia lens

    • Original maintenance book

    • Completely serviced






    Every single bike I buy and sell, I personally go through—not someone else. I am the owner operator of my small business, and I take what I do very seriously.  I work on the bikes, I ride the bikes.

    If you are serious about buying a true collector piece from someone who not only has a passion for these bikes, but works on them, rides them, and collects them then call me. Jokingly people say to me, “these bikes don’t seem so rare as there are so many in your shop” well... I consider myself a custodian for these machines, they should go to people who will love, and appreciate them.