1974 Ducati 750SS

1974 Ducati 750SS

1974 Ducati 750SS

Green frame, only 200 in production. 1974 750 Super Sport. Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get much better than this...


— Cited from Ian Falloon

The first production model of the 750SS was a small run of 750 Super Sports, produced in January. Different from the 'Sport' model, manufacturing of this model began on January 2nd 1974 and the minimum set of 200 identical samples to the specifications was completed on the 10th.

This bike was a true race replica, with only the barest concessions made for street legality. This was the 750cc production bike Taglioni (Fabio Taglioni - Chief designer and technical director of Ducati from 1954 until 1989) had always envisaged, and one of that was as close a replica to the Imola racers as was possible to bold in limited quantity.

The 750 Super Sport is truly a special creature.

The 1974 "Super Sport" frame did differ to the 74’ 750 “Sport” as the racing uprating kit exhaust pipes only fit the Super Sport. The width of the rear frame section was narrower than the Sport as well, particularly near the engine mounts. The Super Sport frame also had aluminum shows added to the steering stops to limit the steering lock further, and allow for the handlebars to be pulled back closer to the rider. These were exclusive to only the 'Super Sport' model.

Although this model has earned the nickname ‘green frame’, the color was actually a shade of blue.
— Ian Fallon / Ducati 750 Bible

1974 Ducati 750SS DETAILS

  • 1 Owner

  • Original bill of sale from 1974

  • Repainted – Very well done, closely matches original

  • Original Shocks

  • Original seat

  • Front brakes in working order

  • Correct JOD headlight

  • Correct steel intake manifolds

  • Correct 4777 rims & original spokes

  • All correct stampings

  • Rockers polished - As they should be

PHOTOS BY: Peter Boggia




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