1977 DUCATI 900SS

1977 Ducati 900SS


Amazing original paint, this is of the time where Ducati would use a older style water transfer sticker on paint, when you run your hand over the decals they are super smooth. No raised vinyl aftermarket stickers.  The decals are cracked, and should not be touched. Normal wear from minimal use. Tank has slight skuffing from normal use and has slight indentation– hard to see at first glance and not enough to write home about.

For the electronics I installed a new Shorai battery. Every circuit works, and she charges perfectly. I carefully cleaned the terminals and lubed them for longevity. Turn signals are included but not mounted – the circuits are in place.

How does she ride? Very strong engine, pulls sweetly and idles correct.

Still with a frame designed in 1971, even in 1977 the Super Sport set the sporting standard for handling and braking
— Ian Falloon

One of the most significant updates for the 1977 Super Sport was the altered riding position due to repositioned footpegs.
— Ian Falloon

1977 Ducati 900SS

  • 9,568 miles

  • Wheels are the correct 4777 rims – also in excellent condition and f

  • Original set of tires included w sale

  • Original air boxes included w sale

  • Full set of turn signals

  • Serviced, I also cleaned every single electrical connection – all original Molex connectors

  • Galfer Green pads in the front

  • Newer chain

  • Shorai Battery

  • The windscreen is an older aftermarket screen but, it has the rare Chrome windshield trim in place

Ducati 900SS






Every single bike I buy and sell, I personally go through—not someone else. I am the owner operator of my small business, and I take what I do very seriously.  I work on the bikes, I ride the bikes.

If you are serious about buying a true collector piece from someone who not only has a passion for these bikes, but works on them, rides them, and collects them then call me. Jokingly people say to me, “these bikes don’t seem so rare as there are so many in your shop” well... I consider myself a custodian for these machines, they should go to people who will love, and appreciate them.