1977 DUCATI 900SS

1977 DUCATI 900SS

1977 DUCATI 900SS

How rare is it? Some 220 bikes in 1976, and 137 in 1977 were intended for the US.

—By Tim Parker

Lightsville is an unincorporated community in Darke County, Ohio named after a William B. Light, who platted it in 1874. The US Postal Service, today, places Lightsville’s Rural Route 1 outside the town of Rossburg…safe to say that the Lightsville Garage, a Norton, Ducati and Moto Guzzi dealer in the 1970s, the original seller of this 900 SS, was located, without being unkind, in the “middle of nowhere”. It was a five-hour drive west for the buyer, a Pittsburg physician.

There is no record of what happened to the Lightsville Garage after this sale. The bike has been stored in the physicians garage since 1984. One day he slipped “into the bike” which scuffed the fairing and tank.

1976 was the second production year of the 900 Super Sport although it ran only September through December with some 1,020 units being manufactured.

These are considered to be 1976 model year bikes and were the first to enter the US market. The 1977 production year bikes – this bike - were sufficiently similar to be grouped as one. Some 220 bikes in 1976, and 137 in 1977 were intended for the US. Their specification changed slightly from those bikes intended for Europe and the rest of the world (RoW).

1977 Ducati 900SS bubble windshield

Ducati 900 SS DETAILS

  • 421 original miles

  • Frame # 086888

  • Engine # 087142

  • One owner

  • Stored inside garage for 33 years.

  • Amazing original gel coat paint, exceptional.

  • Original tires

  • 40mm Delortos & conti's 

  • Comes with original airbox & 32mm carbs

  • Engine case seal

  • Front exhaust wire seal

  • Correct reflectors and original turn signals 

  • Correct original windscreen with chromed rubber trim 

  • Last registered may, 1984 in P.A.

  • Owners manual

A remarkable time-warp, early specification, 900 SS with but 421 recorded miles under its belt.
— Tim Parker
1977 Ducati 900SS

32mm Dell’Ortos and restrictive airbox were default items (included with sale) as was a special wiring loom and an Aprilia sealed beam headlamp and indicators, complete with “side” reflectors. 

This bike, last registered in 1984, has remarkably retained its original specification as delivered by the Lightville Garage.

Smiths gauges on a 5-light dashboard. A clear Brembo front fluid reservoir, a new style fairing, and the larger “square” CEV taillight. The updated engine and transmission, frame, suspension and brakes were RoW, pretty much. 

Still originals are: The tires; the optional 40mm Dell’Ortos with velocity stacks and Conti mufflers (plus the pair 32mm carburetors); the original lead engine seal is intact as are the “Made inItaly” and “Ballanti Roberto” (fairing) stickers.








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